Can I have a different combination of Tie-Dye colours?

Yes, if there's a plain white shirt you would like in tie-dye or the other way around, just contact me and I'll be able to sort it out for you.

How are your T-shirts made?

My T-shirts are all hand made by me. I Tie-Dye them myself which means I can probably do any colour combination possible and I screen print them myself using hand cut stencils. I use permanent ink that should stand the test of time and not fade as long as the washing instructions are followed as given in my item descriptions. I still have t-shirts that I made when I was 16 that haven't really faded, I'm now 24. 

Do you do Custom orders?

Yes, Just buy one of the custom order packages from the store and contact me what design you would like and I'll see if it's possible. I charge a little more as I have to put work into creating a new stencil and put a little more time and effort in.

Can I work as a promoter for your shop?

I don’t necessarily say yes to promoters or ‘sponsors’, I have to be incredibly tempted. If you can prove to me that you've worked for other shops, improved their sales or follow count and  taken decent photos for them then I’m all open to offers. Take inspo from the pictures displayed on my front page, that is the standard that I look for.

Do you ship internationally?

I ship everywhere, There is no restriction!

Can I have a tracking number for my order?

Sorry but I don’t send my items tracked as it costs too much. I send my international orders standard airmail and my UK domestic orders First class.